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LOVER'S SAX Love Story (Where Do I Begin) 02:30
The Lovers Love Me To The Limit 06:02
The Lovers Love Me To The Limit (Club Version) 04:51
The Lovers Love Me To The Limit (Radio Edit) 03:14
Acting Lovers Love Is Not A Sin 03:48
The Lovers Love Me To The Limit (Instrumental Version) 03:26
Lovers 7 Seconds (Love Mix) 05:18
Lovers 7 Seconds (Love Mix 94 BPM) 05:08
Lovers Electric In Love 03:27
Army Of Lovers Love Revolution 03:58
Army Of Lovers Viva La Vogue 03:32
Hans Gustafsson Lovers Eyes 05:52
Army Of Lovers Love Me Like A Loaded Gun (Vietcong Audience House Mix) 08:40
Army Of Lovers Love Me Like A Loaded Gun 04:58
Martinelli Lovers Forever 05:21
Acting Lovers Summer Of Love 03:58
Acting Lovers Gimme Good Love 03:23
Acting Lovers Kingdom Of Love (Radio Edit) 04:03
SS501 LOVERS 04:33
Coldplay Lovers In Japan 03:49
Coldplay Lovers In Japan 06:52
Webo Shaking Lovers 06:45
Sax for Lovers Endless love 04:20
Sax for Lovers Everlasting love 04:09
Sax for Lovers I love you because 03:01
Sax for Lovers True love 03:24
Aidia In My Lover's Eyes 02:57
Mumford & Sons Lovers' Eyes 05:20
The Teens Don't Lovers Love No More 02:25
Dannii Minogue True Lovers 04:33
LOVER'S SAX Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blue 02:20
Acting Lovers Randy Andy (Extended Version) 06:23
Acting Lovers Cam 2 Cam (The On Air Remix by Patrick Thomson) 04:30
Secret Lovers Another Minute 03:59
Acting Lovers Bart Don't Break My Heart (Extended Version) 06:55
Acting Lovers Running Wild (Extended Version) 07:05
Acting Lovers Wanna Feel So Good 03:45
Acting Lovers In Light and Darkness (E-Rodance Remix by Danny Ciccone) 05:03
Acting Lovers Nights Of Ecstasy (Radio Edit) 04:04
Acting Lovers Bart Don't Break My Heart (Radio Edit) 04:12
Superpitcher Lovers Rock 06:46
Acting Lovers Bart Don't Break My Heart (Instrumental Version) 04:12
Acting Lovers Thief of Hearts (The Stolen Heart Remix by Danny Ciccone) 06:28
Acting Lovers Curtain Falls (Extended Version) 06:51
Acting Lovers I Want Your Love 03:57
Secret Lovers Too Far To Feel 03:40
Acting Lovers If You Need Me Tonight 03:30
Acting Lovers Bart Don't Break My Heart (The Broken Heart Remix by E-Bomber) 03:55
Acting Lovers Don't Lie To Me 04:11
Secret Lovers I See It In Your Eyes 06:13
Secret Lovers I See It In Your Eyes (Maxi Version) 06:16
Secret Lovers Could It Be Forever 06:45
Secret Lovers Tell Anyone (At Midnight Mix) 05:27
Coldplay Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) 03:59
Sax for Lovers I will always love you 04:00
Change A Lover's Holiday (A Jim Burgess Mix) 06:29
Sax for Lovers I wish you love 02:56
Sax for Lovers How can I love her? 03:40
Sax for Lovers I'm in the mood for love 03:08
Sax for Lovers Saving all my love for you 03:31
Sax for Lovers A groovy kind of love 02:57
Will Downing Lover's Paradise 04:43
Heavenwood The Lovers 04:55
The Supermen Lovers Born To Love You 03:51
Change A Lover's Holiday 05:48
David Guetta Lovers On The Sun (Reez Remix) 05:18
Madonna Future Lovers / I Feel Love (Live) 08:02
Cher When Lovers Become Strangers 04:45
Yanni The Lovers Quarrel 00:55
Yanni The Lovers Make Up 00:54
Dazz Band Skate Lovers 04:19
Kim Waters For Lovers Only 05:59
Various Artists Easy Lovers (Mix Edit) 05:39
Portugal. The Man Lovers In Love 03:14
Examples of Twelves Though lovers be lost, love shall not 06:05
Guillermo Marchena Time For Lovers 03:32
Jim Brickman In a Lover's Eyes 03:21
Plastiscines From Friends to Lovers 02:56
T.O.Y. True Lovers 03:45
My Chemical Romance Demolition Lovers 06:06
La Toya Jackson Two Lovers 03:56
Tower of Power Through Lover's Eyes 03:41
James Last Games That Lovers Play 04:19
Anita Ward Make Believe Lovers 07:04
Kenny Rogers Somewhere Between Lovers And Friends 02:59
Olsen Brothers One Woman, Two Lovers 03:17
E-Bomber Drunk Natashka (Acting Lovers Remix) 04:00
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons Lovers' Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) 06:04
E-Bomber Enjoy The Ride (Acting Lovers Remix) 05:54
James Last Sandy's Theme 03:04
James Last Elizabethan Serenade 02:41
Lovers Lane Private Session [25th Mix] 04:50
Lovers Peppermint 06:26
Lovers and Liars Permanent Scar 03:43
Lovers Electric One In a Million 03:07
Lovers 7 Seconds (Club Mix 136 BPM) 06:51
Lovers Lane Island Memories (Original Mix) 05:21
Lovers Electric Without You 03:25
Lovers Electric Hearts Are Jaded 03:13
LOVER'S SAX The Long & Winding Road 02:45


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